Games, Sports and DVDs
We are offering Free and competitive Indoor Games & Sports.
Competitive Games & Sports
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Free Games & Sports
We have the nets, but bring your own rackets and shuttlecocks
 Please note:If you do not have your own rackets and shuttlecocks, you can hire ours in the hall at £2.50 per day
To book for Badminton Please Click Here
Table Tennis
We have one table tennis table, the nets & Posts, but bring your own tennis bats and the balls
Please note: If you do not have your own tennis bats and the balls, you can hire ours in the hall at £2.50 per day
To book for Table Tennis Please Click Here
We have dart boards, but bring your own dart sets
Please note: If you do not have your own dart sets, you can hire ours in the hall at £3.00 per day
To book for Darts Please Click Here
We have the dominos tables, but bring your own dominos sets
Please note:If you do not have your own dominos set, you can hire ours in the hall at £1.00 per day
To book for Dominos game Please Click Here
Fee Paying Games and Sports
Chess                      £3.50 per game         To book for Chess board game Please Click Here
Video games          £1.00 per hour           To book for Video games Please Click Here
Computer Games  £2.00 per hour           To book for Computer games Please Click Here
DVDS for hire
We have DVDS for internal hire, within the hall only, to be watch or played in our Video Room, You hire a DVD you wish to watch and we have the DVD room where you can watch the hired DVD either alone or with your friends or as a group at £3.00 per DVD
Religious DVDs are at £1.00 per DVD
UK Schools Subject DVDs, Tours DVDs, Sports and Games Training DVDs, DVDs on community activities, DVDs on Counselling or alike are at £2.00 per DVD
To book to watch a DVD Please Click Here
Please note: If you do have your own DVD you want to watch in the Hall you need to bring your DVD to the hall a day before, so that our DVD team can check the contents of the DVD.
We do not accept DVDs on Ponograph, Teaching crime, Showing or instructing on hour to make weapons or bombs, Terarist activities or training, teaching or demonstrating anti-social behaviour or any DVD which will not be suitable according to age, sex, language, group, or to Govornment set policies on which DVDs, films or entertaiment can be allowed for public view. Also the DVD should be able to pass under Bible4health Missions set policies: Charge for your own DVD is £1.50 per DVD.
We also accept  Donations of; 
Food stuffs, video games, cameras, cutlery, kitchen appliances, plates, cups, shoes, electronics gadgets, 
computers, books, toys, bicycles, tools, equipment, machinery, furniture, bags, or clothes as other means you can pay for 
sports or games and to watch DVDs. Clothes are valued at £0.50p per Kg. The value must be equivalent to the amount 
charged for each sport or game. NO food stuffs with less than 2 years expiring date or NO liquid or cooked foods  or 
NO stolen items will be accepted as payment
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