Venue for all your Parties, Meetings, Training,events, special occasions, 

Indoor sports, Games, in Worksop 

For your occasion we transform the above to the one below

 Old drill hall

Your comfort, safety and security

Your comfort, safety and security on your event, special occasion, party, wedding, training, seminars, workshops, presentations, conference and many more is our goal. We have created a venue for all occasions and events with all modern facilities, including indoors sports, games,  WiFi,  shop and kitchen that you can think of as best place in Worksop to hold your special  occasion, event, meeting, training, wedding or parties. We offer services for any occasion, indoor sports, contest, competitions and many more, for all budgets. When you plan your event, special occasion, party, wedding sports games or exhibition, consider us.


Earlier and regular Bookings are discounted. Feel free to come a view the venue before you make a booking. If you live in Worksop or in the  surrounding areas: Viewing hours are: Sunday to Thursday 10.00AM to 14.00 PM; Fridays 08.00AM to 17.00PM

We are offering 15% commission from the total cost of hiring our venue and from all chargeable services we offer, for referring others to book our venue and use our services. Terms and conditions apply. Register on Pacegiven for freeto qualify (

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